The first music festival in Brazil in the metaverse is ours.

Signed by Natura Humor and Faces, the first music festival in Brazil in the metaverse wanted to talk in a genuine way with the generation that values authenticity the most. From there, Festival Do Lado was born, a 100% digital and 100% true celebration of the freedom and fluidity of being who you are, with lightness and humor.

It wasn't just Tasha & Tracie, Tropkillaz, and Gloria Groove who put on a show on GTA's Inverso-RP server. Those who entered the Festival could choose between new skins and make-up to express themselves and rock the digital track.

There was a Meet&Greet with the singers, Natura's virtual store with real products and discounts, a labyrinth of licks signed by visual artists, famous streamers hosting the party, and the ℓiⱴε team following everything up close from start to finish, with the right to a War Room for cover the event and produce content in real-time.

Look what happened: