Qualy releases “Tudo de Bolo” to encourage entrepreneurship

Qualy, the most remembered brand and isolated leader in the category of margarine, launches the platform ‘Tudo de Bolo’ [All About Cake], aimed at micro and small entrepreneurs in the cake and confectionery universe. Qualy's objective is to provide knowledge, training and trends about entrepreneurship, business management and the bakery kitchen (from simpler preparations, such as homemade cakes, to something more elaborate. They will also show national and international trends), in order to empower micro and small entrepreneurs so that they will have more resources to grow and get more customers. To participate, you just need to register on the website and access the courses and contents, which are free of charge. The platform is not limited to brand consumers only, which means that everyone who registers will have access to the content.

The courses available on the website are exclusive and were developed in partnership with Senac, Foodlab (a company specialized in gastronomic entrepreneurship) and other specialists in the digital environment, considering that the trend of digital communication is an increasingly growing reality. Topics vary from business management, marketing and sales, food safety as well as culinary and photography techniques. In addition, Qualy provides the possibility of using the platform to sell, thus working as digital showcase so that consumers can buy their cakes and sweets by directly getting in contact with the people they want to sell to. 

The platform “Tudo de Bolo” represents the achievement of another action focused on people. As we adopt the practice of active listening to the consumers and are aware of the trends and needs, we realized that it was essential to create an environment directed at those who work with the sales of cakes and confectionary, whether they are beginners or have reached a more professional level.  We want to spread the best service, and we know that through this new channel, hundreds of small entrepreneurs across the country will have the tools to make their businesses grow and also attract more visibility to them, since Qualy is also investing so that the platform can communicate with the public in general. Besides representing so many tasty products, we want to show that making cakes and sweets is a way to demonstrate joy and affection”, as the executive manager of the brand, Aline Alexandrino, explains.

The opportunity of making a difference in the businesses of such audience was the inspiration to the development of the project, which was created in partnership with ℓiⱴε. The agency was responsible for managing the development of the platform and will be in charge of its whole communication. “We have the opportunity to build an engagement plan in a quite informal market, but one which is very important in the country. Talking, understanding, and promoting contents aimed at this audience will raise valuable insights to promote the development of new actions”, as Aline Rossin, ℓiⱴε’s CEO highlights.

Consumers who want to know more about the work of the entrepreneurs already registered on the platform can access the website https://www.tudodebolo.com.br/, click on ‘buy cakes’ button, select the city and the type of product they want to purchase. You can choose from categories, such as party and cake. You can also set the price range, in addition to selecting food restriction options such as “lactose free”.